Toastabags = Delicious Deli-Style Sandwiches in a Flash

How much do I love my TOASTABAGS? These guys are pure genius. I’ve never been a person to like cold sandwiches – give me a panini anyday! Now you can enjoy a deli style sandwich at home or at work without all the hassle! And that’s not all – I use my toastabags to warm up anything that I want to be nice and crispy including oven baked fries, pizza slices and even the occasional pastry – pretty much anything that would be disgustingly soggy in the microwave!

I bought my bags from ACE in Dubai, but you can buy them on Amazon for $9.99. They are definitely worth the price in my opinion. I say this mainly because it really makes planning lunches for work so much easier. When I have 5 minutes I can whip up a quick sandwich with veggies – something I would never dream of doing before due to the sogginess factor – and pop it in the toaster at work.

NOTE: Don’t assemble your sandwich until you are ready to eat it!

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