What do Ramadan and being a Skinny Food Addict have in common?

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We went to an Iftar buffet the other day, the food was delicious and plentiful and as you might imagine I couldn’t resist trying a bit of everything until I was at the point where I thought for sure I’d pop! I honestly didn’t feel so good afterwards … Worse than this was the fact that when you’re fasting you end up doing a lot of eating with your eyes so I ended up having to throw away a bunch of food too, which really defeats the spirit of Ramadan :(

Someone recently told me that in Dubai alone 50,000 tonnes of food were thrown away during Ramadan last year (don’t quote me on this figure as its purely hearsay, but I will say I wouldn’t be surprised in the least bit if it were accurate) – that sounds pretty awful considering one of the key points of fasting is to be able to empathize with those who are less fortunate than ourselves and are unable to have a meal most days…

Fasting is also meant to help us build self-control. After all, if we can deny ourselves the simple pleasures of life like eating and drinking for the better part of a day, having the will-power to say “1 slice of pizza please” OR “1 scoop of ice cream thanks” rather than overindulging should be a piece of cake ;). This is exactly what Ramadan and being a skinny food addict have in common because to be honest, enjoying all foods – including the ones that aren’t the healthiest for you – isn’t the problem at all. The problem really is overindulging in even the healthiest of foods! But unfortunately most of us associate food with the feel good feeling we get when we first eat, and not with the terrible side effects that come along with overeating.

So yeah I had all those horrible symptoms the other day – I really felt like I had been hit by a freight train, I mean I was totally wiped out in terms of energy. I also had that weird acidic  feeling at the back of my throat you know the one where you think any second now all that food is gonna come back up – it was horrible!
I think everyone can relate to what I’m talking about. Whether you’re eating in or eating out, especially after a long day of fasting – I think most of us have been there… In fact ironically most of us end up gaining weight during Ramadan because of this! But more importantly, eating this way really doesn’t feel good at all…
Take the other day, I could have easily avoided all of it had I been able to stick to decent portion sizes (you know just one 8″ plate full divided into quarters with half veggies, one quarter grains and the last quarter meat)… And more importantly I would have been able to really enjoy my food experience well after dinner was done.
So my advice to anyone whose eating out – Do yourself a favor and skip the buffet!
You’ll never be able to eat your money’s worth of food and feel good about it and you won’t be able to doggie bag the leftovers for later. That’s a definite lose-lose situation right there! Instead really enjoy one of the world’s best simple pleasures in life by savoring each morsel and exercising a bit of will-power so you can also enjoy the rest of your night. I know first hand that it’s not easy to do, but I find being able to mentally  connect the negative side effects with the overindulging helps deter the same behavior in the future. And trust me it does get easier each time (practice makes perfect after all).
Ramadan Mubarak to all!