My #1 Weight Loss Tip for Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone :) I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted – 2016 had me hitting the ground running and it’s been an adrenaline rush so far – I hope your year has started out on a really good note as well!

So here we are – month 2 of the new year, a time when those New Year’s resolutions are either coming along really well or you may be looking at climbing back on the wagon… Either way I hope the advice I’m sharing today will help you get/stay motivated…

Don’t worry – I’m not going to ruin your chocolate/gourmet dessert eating day – like many of my weight loss tips, this one has more to do with your head/heart than some quick fix extreme dieting solution that will get you in your pre-wedding attire for one night and one night only – something I’m not a big advocate of in general 😉

This one – quite appropriately – is about love, and it’s simply to:

Valentines Day - Remember-to-love-yourself

Too many of us are so busy loving all the important people in our lives that we forget to love us. That and our society tends to make us believe that loving oneself is a vain and narcissistic thing to do and thinking about what you want is the same as being selfish.

NOT TRUE! In fact it can be quite the opposite – simply because if you don’t make time to love yourself enough to know who you are and what you want – nobody else can either. Worst case scenario – you’ll end up trying to be someone that you don’t want to be. And I say this from experience – I’ve done a lot of self-reflecting and growing in the past 6 years, something I was forced to do because I went through a divorce. Mind you this isn’t something I usually talk about – especially on a day that celebrates couples – but I did want to share my insight today, because it’s not about relationships  as much as it is about being able to take a long hard look at yourself and accepting the person who’s peering back at you.

Part of the reason I dropped the ball in my marriage (it wasn’t all my fault of course ;)) is because I lost track of me and what I wanted from me.

So what I have learned from hindsight is that self-love is essential for success! The good part is being able to understand why I failed gives me the opportunity to pick myself up, brush myself off and try again.

To be honest I don’t think I’d be where I am today – putting my dreams in motion – had I not had the experiences I’ve had…

Positive Self-Affirmations are good for you

OK so what I’d like you to do today is to say the following to yourself:

“I accept me for me – I am not perfect, there’s good and bad things about me but I embrace the good and am willing to acknowledge and change the things I can”

It’s a self-affirmation – one you can follow with a “because I am…” (and then fill in the blank or several blanks for that matter) with a positive statement that speaks to you about who you are

I know it may feel weird, but once you acknowledge that it’s OK to be kind to yourself, you will be able to believe that you DESERVE everything you are trying to achieve… like the weight loss you committed to at the beginning of the year for example.

Now go enjoy Valentine’s Day and all the goodies it brings and then get back into gear by following your self-affirmation with  some goals and how you plan to achieve them in the upcoming days, weeks and months!

P.S. You can learn more about self-affirmations here:

Do Self-Affirmations Work?

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