Making This Simple Change Will Guarantee Permanent Weight Loss

So I know I made a New Year’s resolution to post more often regardless of how busy I am – and I know I had the best intention to follow through with this come hell or high water… but not even a few months later and here we are again, life has gotten in my way of keeping in touch on my blog!

The fact is, all of us have the same problem! What I mean to say is whether you are a dietitian or the Prime Minister of Canada, we all struggle with sticking with our goals… you see at the end of the day each one of us are part of what makes up statistics, and the statistics tell us that less than 50% of us stick to our New Year’s resolution past the 6 month mark and only about 8% of us actually succeed in meeting our resolutions.

While this is kind of disheartening to know… I mean I definitely want to be part of the 8% who keeps their resolution, the fact that it is a VERY small determined group of individuals who make up a minority somehow makes me feel better as well. I mean of the 40% of people who actually make resolutions, 92% of us don’t follow through.

You might be wondering how this has anything to do with achieving permanent weight loss. Other than the fact that weight loss happened to be the number 1 resolution made by people at the beginning of 2014, it tells me that even having the best of intentions doesn’t guarantee success.

And if you are anything like a lot of my clients/friends/family who are looking to lose weight, than while resolving to change is important, unfortunately it isn’t  the solution. This is because as much as we want to lose all that weight as of yesterday, the fact is weight loss is a goal that requires longterm commitment… Hardly simple if you ask me!

So how do you make it simple to lose weight – and more importantly guarantee that it stays off for good?  It actually does have to do a lot with your head…

The simple change you can make TODAY that WILL help you LOSE WEIGHT PERMANENTLY is to recognize that weight loss takes time! I know it sounds silly, and in fact coming to this realization can be quite challenging, but when you embrace the idea that it will take you a few months or even a few years to reach your weight loss goal, you will get the focus you need to achieve it.

While a lot of us think that our weight gain happened overnight, the fact is that it took many months or even years of committed habits to gain that unwanted weight – so it is only logical that it will take the same (if not a bit longer) time to develop the habits needed to lose it too.

Remember – slow and steady truly does win the race. In my career of 10+ years this is one thing I have seen with my own eyes time and time again.

The amazing thing is no matter how many months or years it takes, when you look back at your weight loss journey you WILL think it hardly took long at all to drop that weight once and for all.

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  1. Alicia
    Alicia says:

    its really important to not that weight loss requires determination and sometimes people don’t really know a way to set those goals, they have it in mind to loose the weight but the means and how to set a goal and a plan might be hard and not certain. i think that’s the main challenge. its an easy thing when you do it right.

    • Ussma
      Ussma says:

      I totally agree with you Alicia – thanks for adding your thoughts. As you said setting goals – realistic ones – is a key step in achieving success!

  2. Jessica Milton
    Jessica Milton says:

    most people who choose to loose weight don’t really go about it the right way, i can not be over emphasized to have a goal and a steady rate to achieve the goal, some people go at weight loss sporadically and that way the effects aren’t really very positive. the secret is having a goal and plan to reach the goal.

  3. Ussma
    Ussma says:

    Jessica and Niklaus I think you along with Alicia all hit home with this point – having an effective plan of action is very important. From my experience as well I find most of us, when we think of losing weight, think that we have to lose 10 lb in a week and then get disappointed when we aren’t able to achieve this goal. So longterm realistic planning is key.

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    forskolin says:

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    Diet Ultima says:

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