Enjoy a Guilt Free Thanksgiving Dinner – Follow this 5 Day Pre-TGD Plan

As a Skinny Foodaholic one of my favourite meals of the year is definitely Thanksgiving Dinner! But I know most of us have a love/hate relationship with this holiday mainly because of the fact that we know we are about to pack in more calories in one day than we do in an entire week – OK maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you get what I mean…

Now as many of you know I’m not big on counting calories but to be fair I will acknowledge the fact that calories do play a key part of the equation when it comes to losing weight. However this is where I do my mantra of “it’s not what you do once in a while that matters as much as what you do every day” that determines whether or not you will pack on the pounds. And there’s something else – something I think you’re going to really like – science actually suggests that going off your strict regimen once in a while can actually help keep your metabolism revved.

So since the one thing I really don’t want is for your mind to be silently screaming, “DON’T DO IT – YOU KNOW YOU’RE GOING TO REGRET THIS LATER!”,  while your filling your plate with delicious Thanksgiving dinner goodies in a few days, I want to make sure you can enjoy a guilt-free Thanksgiving Dinner this year.


That’s why I’ve put together a 5 Day Pre – Thanksgiving Dinner (that’s TGD for short) Plan for you!

You can download the plan here:
The Skinny Foodaholic’s 5 Day Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner Plan

But that’s not all, I’ll be sharing my favourite tips on how to really enjoy a guilt-free Thanksgiving Dinner soon so stay tuned.

And as always I love to get your feedback so leave me a comment or drop me a message and feel free to share this with your friends if you find it helpful!

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