Considering a Crash Diet for Christmas?

Crash Diet - Imrana NowCrash Diet - Imrana Then

It was the summer of 2003 and I was getting married. Both my sisters, having gained weight – one after having her kids and the other wanting to drop a few of her university pounds – decided they were going to go on the South Beach Diet so they could slim down for the wedding – something they thought I’d be better off not knowing about since they knew how much I was against crash diets…

So for 3 days they tried to follow the plan – a true CRASH DIET, which required them to ONLY drink pre-packaged South Beach Diet Juices 3 times a day and promised to help them lose 10 lb. in this time. And in their own words they were “MISERABLE”.

Crash Diet - Ayesha Then

like my hijaab handiwork in photoshop? ;)

Crash Diets - Ayesha Now
They were “STARVING” and their “breathe stank” and when they were finally done they each lost a paltry… well… 0 lb.  :(

SORRY – I really wish I could have told you they lost 15 lb. and felt fabulous but in my 15+ years of experience in the field (trust me I have met a LOT of people who have been trying to lose weight for a lifetime) I have yet to come across a single successful crash diet story.

Oh the Allure of Crash Diets

But I TOTALLY understand, especially when special occasions roll around – the urgent need to get to those weight goals ASAP. Yes I know that little voice in your head says “just this one time – and once we lose the weight we are going to eat healthy – PROMISE!” The money that you spend on the pills and the shakes and the bars – well even if it’s in the 100’s it seems worth it just to see those PROMISED numbers on the scale just in time for that special event you’ve been trying all year to prepare for by losing weight.

The problem is, not only do you NOT even get to your weight goal because well you “didn’t follow the impossible crash diet EXACTLY so you didn’t get those PROMISED results” – i.e. it’s your fault and not the false advertising’s, and on top of it you have just crushed your will power and self-confidence in the process.

The sad thing is no matter how many times I say this, I always here the same thing “Isn’t there something I can do short-term to get QUICK weight loss?”

Do Crash Diets Work?

So here’s the thing – you CAN lose weight fast short-term BUT:

  1. this way of eating IS NOT sustainable – and if you do continue eating this way for any length of time you’ll run into nutritional deficiencies
  2. You will feel hungrier than normal because you WILL be cutting MORE calories than is recommended

That being said, following a crash diet type plan SHORT TERM can help you slim down in time for whatever it is you want to slim down for. So Ayesha – my dietitian sister (YES she did that South Beach Diet)/business partner and I put our heads together and decided this year to give you what you’ve been asking for!

Introducing the Super Fast Slim Down

So we designed a Low Calorie Diet (LCD) Plan keeping balanced nutrition in mind frankly because we are sick and tired of feeding good people like you to the Crash Diet SHARKS or allowing you to feed yourselves to them anyways… 

And since this plan has our philosophy of eating healthy for a lifetime riding on it – we wanted to make sure that it at least meets as many  of the nutrient requirements – like making sure you get at least 60g of protein – as possible. So we, plus Imrana – my twin (who also is a South Beach Diet alumni) – all became our own guinea pigs and tried it out on ourselves for a week to make sure it was doable and TASTEY (since as our 2 crash diet experts’ biggest criticism of these plans is they are BLAH) before we put it out there for you to try.

Our crash diet results?

  • Ayesha start weight: 142.3; end weight 140.6 TOTAL LOST = 1.7 lb. (she continued for another week and was 138 so her GRAND TOTAL LOST in 2 weeks = 4.3 lb.)
  • Imrana start weight 132.0; end weight 129.4 TOTAL LOST = 2.6 lb. *she just finished weaning her son off breast feeding (she also continued to follow it for another week and was 127 so her GRAND TOTAL LOST in 2 weeks = 5 lb.)
  • Me start weight 120.3; end weight 118.2 TOTAL LOST = 2.1 lb.

Now considering none of us had much weight to lose I think it worked well. But the even better part is – and I’ll be honest and say we did feel a bit hungry by the end of the night but nothing a pot of green tea couldn’t cure, mind you – we were definitely not ravenous and the meals and snacks themselves were quite satisfying.

Enter to Win – It’s FREE

And here’s the best part – WE ARE GIVING A FREE SUPER SLIM DOWN AWAY!! Just in time for you to feel spectacular for the holidays – all you have to do is register on the right :)

REMEMBER: this is a temporary plan so it’s NOT meant to be done long term! And I would HIGHLY advise you to move on to healthy eating following this diet so you don’t gain the weight back and continue towards achieving your longterm goals.


P.S. – both Ayesha and Imrana as you can see by their weights (and in the picture) have lost the weight and kept it off for good :)

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