3 Anti-Weight Gain Thanksgiving Day Tips

thanksgiving day tipsI hope you followed my Preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner Meal Plan and are not afraid to enjoy your delicious meal today! If you missed out or if you want some additional ideas to stay on track then these Thanksgiving Day tips should help :)

Here are My 3 Thanksgiving Day Tips to Ward Off Wait Gain:

1. Don’t Skip Your Meals Today

I know it’s tempting as heck to save all your calories for Thanksgiving dinner but PLEASE DON’T DO IT – I repeat DO NOT skip your breakfast, lunch and snacks so you can pile just that little bit more onto your plate at Thanksgiving Dinner. I must admit that this is the one thing that irks me the most about Weight Watchers type point systems – they don’t account for the fact that the greater your hunger is the more you’ll eat before realizing that you are over stuffed – not to mention the sugar low to high is guaranteed to make you feel terrible!

So instead, eat how you normally eat or better yet eat what’s on my plan for one more day and then enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner without giving yourself into maddeningly ravenous hunger.

2. Make sure to stay hydrated

Water is a great way to help you feel full through out the day as well as help you digest all that additional salty and sugary fair that would normally pack on some additional water weight. So make sure to spread out your 64 oz. minimum throughout the day and then add a couple more cups to help rid your system of any excess water retention you may have in the following days after Thanksgiving.

3. Give yourself permission to Enjoy your dinner!

OK so here’s the thing – as I’ve said before, what you do in one day doesn’t really impact your weight as much as what you do every day so there’s really no reason to sweat over the fact that you just had a very HIGH CALORIE meal today. Remember it’s one meal in about the 1,094 meals you’re going to enjoy until next Thanksgiving. Not only that research shows that having a regular treat meal actually helps keep your metabolism revved so it really is a win-win :)

HAPPY TURKEY DAY EVERYONE – don’t forget to be thankful for the bird that gave up it’s life so we could enjoy a beautiful meal with our loved ones and make sure to use up all the leftovers through the week! I’ll be posting some great redos for leftover Turkey Dinner in my next post so stay tuned!

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